Commercial Painting in Spartanburg, Greenville, Greer

Exterior commercial painting

The secret to a long lasting exterior painting job is the preparation. We pressure wash every exterior painting project, scrape and sand loose and chipping paint and prime the bare wood surfaces. Our Spartanburg and Greenville commercial painters will caulk all of the gaps and cracks to properly seal and prevent moisture penetration.


With all of the prep work complete on your business exterior, along with the use of high quality paints, you will have a very long lasting exterior painting job. Our hope is that once you see the difference on the exterior of your business, you will invite us inside and give us another opportunity to earn your business and your referrals too.


Curb appeal is nice for a home, but is critical for a business. The way your building looks reflects on your company and it can affect your business. Clients, customers and even employees make lasting opinions based of the first impression of your exterior.


We are experts in exterior commercial painting. Whatever the materials or special needs your job has, our commercial painters can handle it.


We know that the aesthetics of your building are important to you and make a difference for your customers and employees. Color plays an important role in the look and feel of commercial buildings and we will bring your building the vibrant color it deserves. From interior and exterior painting to power washing and staining, we can fulfill all your painting needs.


Interior commercial painting

Just like all of our exterior painting jobs, preparation is the key to a long lasting interior painting project. Once inside your business our painters will move your furniture, cover your belongings and begin to prep the surfaces.


We will repair nail pops, tape seems, cracks and other damage to your sheetrock. Your walls will be sanded to provide a smooth surface. Dust and other debris will be removed.


Once all of the prep work is complete we will continue to prove to you why our interior commercial painters and exterior commercial painting pro’s are the best in the Upstate.


Commercial interiors are always custom. Whether it’s an office building, a shopping mall or a restaurant, no job is like the other. We have the expertise to complete your commercial interior whatever it is, regardless of its complexity or size.


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